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Sunday, Oct. 30th – Marine Corps Marathon  

Monday, Oct. 31st – Happy Halloween!



Great weather for dining on the Patio! Open 8 am every Saturday & Sunday for breakfast – sit outside or inside with Aniko at the bar.

Something for Everyone!

Join us for Brunch, Lunch or Dinner on the Patio weather permitting, or inside with TVs at the bar for sports!   Open 8 am every Saturday and Sunday for Breakfast!  Healthy Salads, Steaks, Seafood, Chops and Comfort Food – something for everyone!  Check out our Beer & Wine List    Reservations – 202-333-7370

Brunch Served 7 Days

Our full Brunch menu is served 7 days a week till 4 pm!  Craving eggs, bacon, pancakes, french toast at 2pm on a Wednesday?  Martin’s is ready for you.

@manhattanpeachy Review of Martin’s Tavern

Peachy’s Picks Washington D.C.: Martin’s Tavern Since 1933 
A great review of Martin’s Tavern by @manhattanpeachy!


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Billy is in the Kitchen!

Billy and cookbook author Lorraine Wallace whipped up the Tavern’s Chicken Marsala last week. The recipe will be featured in her upcoming cookbook. Check out her previous work, Mr. Sunday’s Soups!

Check out Billy on NBC 4!

Martin’s Tavern Lands in Iraq

We received an email from Samuel Watson who is a loyal fan of Martin’s Tavern with some fantastic pictures. Drinking from his Martin’s Tavern coffee mug he is looking forward to the day that we can fill it for him! We are looking forward to seeing you soon!

Healing With Humor

Patients at Walter Reed, Who Have Lost Limbs but Not Their Ability to Laugh, Find That a Joke Can Be the Best Therapy. Veterans of recent wars met at Martin’s Tavern to discuss how humor as well as breaking the ice can lower the walls between injured veterans and the society that is not sure. Read full story with this link!

Martin’s Tavern Rolls Back Prices and Diners Relish the Day!

In Honor of our 75th anniversary, Martin’s Tavern rolled back the prices to 1934 and over one thousand people stopped by to enjoy fine food, great company and prices that couldn’t be beat. While dining on everything from steaks and crab cakes to appetizers and salads, diners spent their time enjoying the fabulously low prices and reaching out to friends via text, twitter and cell phones spreading the news to come down and join in on the fun. While the lines were long, there was an appreciation for great food and conversation that brought people together from far and near inside the warm environment that Martin’s Tavern is famous for.

Your Stories: Billy Martin’s Tavern Uncovers Old Photos

WASHINGTON, DC (WUSA) – When you walk into Billy Martin’s Tavern, you can’t help but be hit by the history.

“This is what we call the proposal booth,” says 4th generation owner, Billy Martin, as he walks along a row of old booths inside the restaurant’s main dining room. “It’s the booth where John F. Kennedy actually proposed to Jackie. This is where he asked her to get married.”

In 75 years, Martin’s Tavern has served every U.S. president since Harry Truman, except for President Obama. For a restaurant that old and with that much history, Martin says there’s still one thing that’s missing.

Martin’s Celebrated the Presidential Inauguration

Crowds of locals and visitors alike decended upon the Tavern on January 20th to revel in the celebratory atmosphere surrounding the Inauguration of our 44th President, Barack Obama, Inauguration 2009, Filling the restaurant and the bar, the Tavern was alive and well with the patriotism and American spirit that brings our country together.

Martin’s Tavern now boasts a new big screen, high-definition television specifically for special events (pictured left). This TV remains off during most normal business hours, but for special events such as the Presidential Inauguration, SuperBowl, New Years Eve, etc, the TV comes alive bringing everyone together.

“We are delighted that Martin’s Tavern can serve as a host for our local patrons on this truly historic occasion.” said Billy Martin, Jr. – fouth generation owner of the 75 year old Martin’s Tavern. “We have played host to every President since Truman, so our roots are tangled in the political landscape of Washington. Now we can look forward to continuing that tradition with a new crop of politicos.”

A Night Out with Chris Matthews at Martin’s Tavern

By Sarah Wildman for the New York Times

The waiters at Martin’s Tavern in Georgetown see a lot of Chris Matthews, host of the opinionated “Hardball” and the lower temperature, eponymously named Sunday-morning discussion hour on MSNBC.

“It’s very Christmas-y here. Very pubby. I’ll have clam chowder and prime rib,” he said, in his trademark rapid-fire delivery. He’s been a regular here since 1971. “It was a big State Department hangout. C.I.A. It’s got that reputation. Old Washington.”

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It was exactly one week to Election Day and Mr. Matthews was in the “Truman booth” offering his opinion on everything.

On Web versus print: “If you don’t get newsprint, you don’t get the peripheral vision — you don’t pick up the odd story.”

On empty-nesting: “I feel like Ebenezer Scrooge: the house is empty and I’m like ‘Where’s my gruel?’ ”

On his wife, Kathleen, a Peabody Award-winning anchor who is now an executive for Marriott International, the hotel chain: “She’s a charming event.”

He then went on to prognosticate: “Three hundred and forty electoral votes,” he said, predicting Democratic victory while talking to two long-time waiters. “I’ve been trying to figure it out. Maybe 59 Senate seats, 31 seats in the House.”

While Mr. Matthews hasn’t formally endorsed anyone, it’s not hard to figure out which way he’s leaning. During the MSNBC primary coverage he claimed, with typical hyperbole, to feel “a thrill go up his leg” when Obama spoke.

Kathleen Matthews blew in the door with a gust of cold air, wearing a snug candy-apple red leather jacket. “I had this before Sarah Palin did,” she said, laughing. “But I got mine on a summer discount: 75 percent off.” She joked that Ms. Palin should have traded Neiman Marcus for Loehmann’s.

Mr. Matthews ordered her a pinot noir and a hamburger.

“Think of the Kennedys,” Mr. Matthews said, when asked the impact on Washington if Obama wins. “A mixed administration. Pragmatic. Some liberal tendencies, not overwhelming. Very tough. Very smart. Thin ties — are you looking at this?”

He demonstrated on his own black silk tie, folding it in half. “Well-turned-out men. No sloppiness. Just work.

“It will be zesty,” he added.

A 60-something man in cream-colored corduroys came up to introduce himself. “George Negus,” he said, shaking hands all around. “I sort of do what you do, Chris, but in Australia.”

Mr. Negus is to be the host of an election night show for his Australian television audience at the Newseum here. “If you pick the wrong president the world is in deep trouble,” he said.

Ms. Matthews switched to anchor mode. “Who is the wrong president?” she asked.

Mr. Negus offered his opinion.

“I never met an Aussie I didn’t like,” Mr. Matthews said warmly.

“I guess we’re not making it to see ‘W’ tonight,” he said to his wife as they made their way to the door. A man with frizzy red hair clapped him on the arm. Mr. Matthews turned to a reporter.

“Want to meet the guy who wrote the evil empire speech?” and then walked out with Anthony Dolan, a speechwriter for Ronald Reagan, into the cold Washington night.

Photo by Michael Temchine for New York Times